Journal: Perth Trip


I went to Perth with a friend for a week vacation. Sadly, I caught a flu bug and did not do much during my trip. We caught up with our sleep in our awesome AirBNB apartment, cycled around Rottenest Island for 4 hours, walked around Fremantle, the city and visited relatives. We managed to go to South Cottesloe Beach and King’s Albert Park. However, it was a brief one. S0, no pictures, sadly.

I fell in love with it all. I love the air and the short-paced life. We are always home before sunset as most shops closed by 6pm. Eating out is expensive compared to Singapore. It was a slow and rejuvenating vacation. Away from fast-paced life in Singapore and more homely kind of experience.

I would say going around by the public transportation are costly and inconvenient. Can you imagine, it once stated that the next train would arrive in 44 minutes due to whatever reason they have. And here we are, in Singapore, complaining when the train arrived in 10 minutes. These little trivialities in Singapore are a luxury compared to being in Western Australia. Singapore is faster, more efficient and convenient. It makes me appreciate that aspects of Singapore and reminds me to complain less.

Despite not being all that, Perth still have much to offer. A western version of Kampung life that encompass more time with family and local groceries of cheaper price. The pros and cons varies on each individual but what I love best is that the trees are taller than the buildings. Something we can never get in Singapore. Yes, there’s tall trees along the road in Jurong West but it did not stand out as much due to our HDB flats. That, I missed greatly in Perth.

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