Rottnest Island

DSC_0304   DSC_0301 

I went to Perth for a week vacation. Took the opportunity to try and capture the beautiful sceneries at Rottenest Island. The beach is so beautiful. I tried my best to translate it through my pictures. I was unwell throughout the trip, therefore did not manage to snap more pictures. It’s hard to cycle my way around in the first place. And I had 2 jumpers on top of my casual shirt.

As you can see, I am an absolute beginner in photography, please be kind to me. I have yet to get use to editing photos and meddling with my Nikon D3300. In time to come, I hope to be able to post better pictures.

2 thoughts on “Rottnest Island

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and the like.
    What a shame you were sick when you were on holiday.
    Congratulations for getting a blog up. We both started blogging around the same time and took trips around the same time, you to my home town of Perth and me to Singapore. By the way, I love the photo with the seagull. Happy blogging!
    ms mary p

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    1. Hello there, thank you for dropping by my blog. Such a coincidence that while I was in Perth, you were in Singapore. I was interested in what you’ve written about Singapore. =) Happy blogging to you too!

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