How to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing

2016 is here! Ready or not, life keeps on going. While others may get all excited to start the new year with resolutions, there may be a minority who would rather take it slow or not move forward at all. Whether you are melting on your couch or bed, that faint whisper that keep trudging you to be productive, have made you sink further. Based on personal experience, this is how to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing

1.Do nothing.

Yes. Listen to your body and soul. They need rest. Set a time limit to do nothing. Imagine you are a piece of glob. Limbless and just splat on your bed. Depending on your body and mentality, you may need an hour or even a day. Most important of all, adhere to the time limit you have set! You must NOT procrastinate. Because once you allow yourself to do so, it might be too late to redeem your time back. Tell yourself, I will do absolutely nothing for an hour and after that I have to get up and do what I have to do next.

2. Listen to epic instrumental soundtracks.

Okay! Time’s up! Still feeling sluggish? Go to Youtube and play your favourite epic instrumental soundtrack. Be it from Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean, those battle music will boost you for sure! Find a song that will elicit some positive driving emotions in you. Songs with lyrics may work for others but personally, I would get carried away and tries to sing the lyrics rather than wanting to do my work. I am typing this while listening to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack on and I am feeling like a badass already. Read The Neuroscience of Music, Mindset and Motivation article to understand more.

3. Drink caffeine.

Coffee? Tea? Red bull? Have your pick. With a ready-to-charge mentality, consume some as it ignites you to blast off. However, do take note that it may be addictive and over-consumption can lead to health complication. I usually drink caffeine as a last minute boost because too much will cause me to have a bad migraine. Know yourself and strategise accordingly, you would not want it to backfire.

4. Ensure your environment is tidy.

Some people may work better when their environment is tidy, while some may be able to work in heaps of trash. For me, I need a clean and tidy place to start working. Environment plays an important role as well. A tidy working environment allows you to think clearly. On top of that, you have a sense of assurance that things are at its place can be easily retrieve when you need it.

5. Ready to roll!

After doing all these, you are pretty much ready to roll..or maybe not. No one knows yourself better than you do. Different people works differently. Try it! If it works, good for you! If it doesn’t, good for you too! Now you know better. Good luck!

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