Random Dream #01

Everyone dreams during their sleep. At times, I remember most of it even after I woke up. So for entertainment sake, I’d post my dreams on this blog as well.

Woke up: 4:20pm

I was on a land facing an ocean. Behind me, stood the Marina Bay Sands building. I stepped on a spread of linen on the floor when a Chinese old man told me to pick it up. We spoke in a typical Singapore mandarin language. A casual conversation, until he told me to flip the cloth. When I did, the cloth gleamed and have reflection of the ocean. It was beautiful! I told him something about it won’t last long and when I looked up at the Marina Bay Sands, I noticed that below the ship-like looking part was covered in moss and algae. And then I woke up!

It was just a random dream. Sometimes, dreams can be insidious. It could reflect your mental state as your subconsciousness was on replay mode. (That’s what I thought) Maybe, when I have the time, I will read up on the dream psychology theories by Carl Jung and Freud.

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