February, the month where chocolates are on sale! I am not really a fan of chocolates but I do have sweet tooth. Most of my friends are just not chocolatey people. (Calm down, you chocolate lovers. On the bright side, you can have more chocolates to yourself.) So I flipped through The Art of French Baking by Ginette Mathiot, and stumbled upon a recipe of Avelinettes.

Avelinettes looks like chocolate truffles but they are actually made of grounded almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, sugar and a bit of coffee extract mixed together to form into small balls covered in cocoa powder. Best part, you DO NOT have to bake it! Just mix, roll and coat! Easy!

I actually tweaked the recipe a bit as I could not get powdered walnuts.

Rows of bite-sized nut dough balls


Adapted from Ginette Mathiot’s “Avelinettes” in The Art of French Baking


250g grounded almonds

250g grounded hazelnuts

450g caster sugar

1/2 cup of freshly brewed coffee

cocoa powder for coating

  1. Mix the grounded nuts and sugar together using a handheld blender.
  2. Once evenly mixed, slowly pour in the coffee while still mixing the mixture. The coffee is meant to make the mixture bind together. Adding slowly will allow it to not be too watery.
  3. The mixture will form like a dough and may be a bit crumbly.
  4. Form the dough into bite-sized balls and roll it into cocoa powder.
Cocoa powder for coating

Tada! The end result of Avelinettes! I do noticed that because nuts do produce oil, the cocoa coating absorbed the oil and make the presentation less appealing. Instead of truffles, it kinda looks like charcoal ball.


I personally love the cocoa coating as it adds a touch of bitterness to it. Although I must admit that the texture of the Avelinettes are different compared to the usual sweets or confectioneries that I have tasted. I think it can be a bit addictive especially when it is in bite sizes. Do take note that overcoating the cocoa may choke the eater at first bite! It happened to me when I first tried one.

So for the month of February, you may try making Avelinette for Valentine’s or just as a sweet homemade gifts. (for people who don’t celebrate Valentines’ Day.. like me)

Alternatively, you may try making Brownie Truffles. I actually made these when I forgot to grease the pan and I could not get my brownies out of the pan in one whole piece. So, I scraped the brownies, rolled it into balls and coat it with melted coverture dark chocolates. My chocolate-loving friend loves it! She said that it was moist and yummy!

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