Random Dream #02

I fell flat on my bed. I slept late and woke up early today because I have to do some baking at a friend’s bakery. It was not strenuous but the lack of sleep started to kick in. I caved in to my fatigue and fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and saw the back of my closed door where I have hanged my scarves there. I loves scarves, though the color palette of my preference are just black and blue. I find it easier to match with any outfit as most of my tops are black.

I sat up and realized that I have to babysit 2 of the S brothers. Little Egg was asleep beside me, while MidI was climbing out of the window. The room setting was of my bedroom except the scenery outside my window. I realized that we were at the highest floor of the building and opposite our apartment was a dark brown building with a playground of a Sesame Street theme. There were children playing on it and MidI was climbing the roof to be at the other side!

I screamed at MidI to return and ran out of my bedroom. But when I opened the door, the layout of the house changed to of my previous mansionet apartment. My uncle-in-law stood in front and said “You shouldn’t have said the vow and swim in that water.” I was confused. I told him, “It wasn’t real. I wasn’t serious. And how did you know?” He replied that his eldest daughter told him. I repeatedly said that it was not real. My head started to throb.

Suddenly, I found myself on bed again. I opened my eyes and saw the back of my closed door where I hanged my scarves. I tried to get up but I felt heavy and found myself facing the back of the door again. Thrice I tried to get up, but I failed. So I decided to recite a prayer. I opened my eyes again and managed to force myself to open the door. The layout was of my usual apartment. I went to the kitchen to wash my face. My head still hurt. But I managed to wake up and be back in the real world.

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