Random Dream #03

I tossed and turned and could not seem to fall asleep yet. I am a light sleeper. Sleeping in the day will make it difficult for me to fall asleep at night. The last time I checked, it was 3 a.m…

I was out with one of my close friends, Pearl. We were supposed to visit her family and I was not sure why I tagged along. I went into the house and started greeting her relatives with quick handshakes accompanied by nods and smiles. After lingering the house for what I think was 5 minutes, we left the house and visited a shopping mall nearby. I told Pearl that I needed to go to the toilet. But I found myself lingering at the food stalls. I realized that I was hungry as I did not eat anything during the short visit at Pearl’s relative’s house. I went and ordered a plate of rice with some asian dishes and ate while walking. (I simply do not understand why I did such)

While walking, I realized that I was supposed to meet up with Pearl after my toilet break. In a rush, I accidentally dropped my food. I quickly scrap some of the food using the the plastic packaging and threw it into a bin nearby. While I was doing so, I heard people making snide remarks of me for dropping my food on the floor.

I quickly walked away and saw Pearl with her parents. Her mother approached me and said “What took you so long? We were waiting for you.” She then whisked me towards their family car. I got in with Pearl at the back seat, when one of her relatives decided to join as well. I felt squashed and then I woke up.


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