A Stroll in Botanical Garden

Last Friday, I went for a stroll in Botanical Garden with my cousin. We brought subs, bottles of water and a picnic mat with us. We took the train and alighted at the Circle Line Botanical Garden, Exit A. According to the website, there’s 3 different entrances to Botanical Garden. And ours are called the Bukit Timah Gate.bench


The weather was sweltering hot at 4pm but started to cool from 5pm onwards. Basically we just walked in circles, from the entrance around the Eco Lake towards the fruit trees collection, followed by the foliage garden and stopping at the Bamboo Collection. I think we walked for 2 rounds before we settled on a spot. We just could not decide.


After chowing down our sandwiches, we each have some quiet moments laying on the picnic mat. My cousin read her romance novel while I pondered. I have yet to visit other parts of Singapore despite living here my entire life. But I know that I am tired of the skyscrapers and longed to travel overseas with picturesque sceneries and somewhere less humid.


bamboo collection

Don’t get me wrong but I do love Singapore. It is clean, safe and accessible. But I felt that I was too sheltered. Just like Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. While I have yet the courage to travel solo overseas, I figured that maybe I should start exploring Singapore first. Singapore have plenty of greens despite the skyscrapers. Although I did not manage to discover the other side of Botanical Garden, I am looking forward to do so, in time to come!


4 thoughts on “A Stroll in Botanical Garden

      1. We’re located near the equator. A tiny island in Southeast Asia. The weather is either hot and humid or wet. Speaking of which, it is raining unexpectedly now.. =)


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