I Light Marina Bay 2016


If you are in Singapore till the 27th of March 2016, you are in for a treat. I Light Marina Bay is back again! There are plenty to see, to take photos of and to do. From 4th to the 27th of March, view 25 sustainable light art installations, open music performances and other concurrent events relating to the arts and design scene. It is a carnival out there!

Cycle House – Hafiz Osman (Singapore)

This art installation involves a lot of pedalling. The Cycle House on the right, will lit up once pedalled. Patrons can also write messages or drawing on the canvas wall. The one on the left is disco-themed where lights are dancing around to the tune of Lady Gaga’s song.


Clockwork Stories – NYP (Singapore), School of Design

These interesting art installations are located near the Mist Walk. It consists of environmental receptors to create bubbles when interacted. The whole scene reminded me of Oompa Loompas dancing and singing. Patrons can play with it to create bubbles everywhere. The children would love these!




Groove Light – NUS (Singapore), Dept. of Architecture, School of Design and Environment.

The suspended 3D-printed lanterns on the Mist Walk structures can be pulled by patrons to reflect different geometric shadows on the floor.




the unveiled beauty

The Unveiled Beauty – NYP (Singapore), School of Interactive & Digital Media

Located at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, this art installation have squared  acrylics which you can write any messages on. Photographers may have fun with this installation by trying to capture creative silhouettes of the people against the LED light.


Torrent – Brandon Tay (Singapore)

Located at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, patrons can have the movements reflected on the screen as they walk past or stood in front of the screen with dreamy graphics.


Lampshade – Snøhetta (Norway)

Located at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, patrons can have fun taking selfie with this bamboo structure that are meant to be social and environmental- friendly.

Angels of Freedom – OGE Group, Gaston Zahr & Merav Eitan (Germany & Israel)

These installations could easily be one of the favourite for the patrons. With different shapes and colours of wings, patrons can pose as angels. Great for new profile picture, aye?


Moon Haze – Feng Jiacheng & Huang Yuanbei (China)

This installation actually responds to the ambient air quality. The brighter it is means the better the air quality. Apparently, it was a bit dim when I was there. Could it be because of the roads behind it? This installation would have been more helpful if it was installed earlier during the Haze season. Actually, no. It would be better if it functions as an air purifier instead.

the cloud

The Cloud – Kenny Hong (Singapore)

This art installation is hidden under the Seating Gallery of The Float @ Marina Bay. It symbolises the guidance and protection of the community in Asia. Apparently, the inspiration of this design was from the Biblical book of Exodus.

ground control to major tom


Ground Control to Major Tom – Rohan Abdullah & Stanley Yeo (Singapore)

This installation is located at The Float @ Marina Bay. From afar, it looked like a colourful rocket getting ready to blast off. Patrons can enter the rocket.





what a loving and beautiful world 2

What a Loving and Beautiful Art Science Museum – teamLab (Japan)

This stunning and interactive projections on the Art Science Museum adds a whole lot of ambiance to the event. Patrons can participate by “swiping” the Chinese characters using a web application. Personally, I did not try the app.

There are plenty more than what was uploaded here, of course. These are what I managed to capture on the official opening. A lot of walking to do. On the side note, PasarBella Goes to Town event will be on the 11th March to 3rd April. Foodies alert! It is like a Farmer’s Market, though I am pretty sure they have it better overseas. I might drop by for this.

*For more details, log on to http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg.

I Light Marina Bay
4th - 27th March 2016
7:30pm - 11pm (midnight on Fridays and Saturday)
Free admission.




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