Monkey Bread

Cinnamon Melts by Mac Donald’s SG

In Singapore’s Mac Donald, they sell their version of monkey bread as Cinnamon Melts. I love the crispy crusts and it’s sweet icing sugar with cinnamon. However, I happened to came across a cookbook by Joanne Chang;  Bake with Less Sugar. I love it! I am a sweet tooth but it’s healthier to bake with less sugar since diabetes is hereditary in our family. The taste is almost similar, just less sweet of course!

monkey bread 2

Adapted from Joanne Chang’s “Monkey Bread” in Bake with Less Sugar


150ml milk

1/2 tsp active dry yeast

280g plain flour

1 egg yolk

  1. Ensure that milk is at room temperature before adding in the yeast. Let it sit for about a minute or two.
  2. Measure out flour and salt in a bowl. Add the milk mixture to the flour.
  3. Mix it till it have a shaggy look before adding in the butter and yolk.
  4. Knead it by machine for 5 minutes before transferring to an oiled bowl to proof for 2 hours.

120g melted butter

100g sugar

3 tsp cinnamon powder

160g thickened cream or heavy cream

  1. Combine cinnamon powder and sugar. Set aside.
  2. After the dough have proof, stretch it and divide it into small balls.
  3. Dip the dough balls into the melted butter. Then, coat it with cinnamon sugar.
  4. Place it into the pan. Continue doing so until all the dough are done.
  5. With the remaining sugar and melted butter, combine it into the cream and pour it on top.
  6. Bake it at 180 deg celcius for 45-55 minutes.

Note: I have prepared it into smaller portions and covered it with cling wrap before putting it into the freezer. It last for at least 2 weeks. To prepare, thaw it overnight before baking. The top part tends to crystalize due to the sugar, so I suggest covering it with foil and bake it for 30 minutes. Then remove the foil and continue baking for another 15-20 minutes.

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