Sembawang Hot Spring

Do you know that there is a hot spring in Singapore? Yup, there is. I remembered visiting the Sembawang hot spring in the late 1900s. My siblings and I squeezed in a small car with our grandparents.

Walking in

Back then, there were no pathways. I remembered us parking along the road and walking on gravels paths. I got excited with every step I took as it produced a ‘crunch’ sound on the gravels.



I thought it was a water-themed park and when we arrived, I was disappointed. There were plastic chairs littered around with wide red basins. I noticed a lot of Chinese Aunties and Uncles. Some are seen soaking their feet and some preparing or eating boiled eggs.

The Iconic Red Building
The pipes

Those are the memories I had, and  I was only a Primary schooler back then. Now, things are different. Renovation had been made to make it more accessible and convenient. But if you’re thinking that it would be like an Onsen, it definitely is not. Just some pipes for the water and open space for you to frolic  (too dangerous) picnic around. Have an egg sandwich or devil eggs or even egg salad! (You got the theme here~)

Recently, it was mentioned that the NPark have confirmed that the statutory board is working on the possibility of it being a park. So, in future, it might be even more fun!

Location:Along Gambas Avenue between Woodlands Avenue 12 & Sembawang Road
Hours: 7am - 7pm


Photos by Art of Dissociation.

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