NZ, Rotorua: Agrodome and The Redwoods

3 highly-prized wools from these sheeps.🐑

We visited Agrodome to enjoy an hour of farm show. It was funny, entertaining and informative at the same time. The sheeps and dogs were well-trained. From the show, you get to see some animal tricks, learn the different types of sheep and the value of its wool and also a demonstration of sheep auction.

The farm show only cost NZD$33.50 per adult. They do offer a farm tour at a different price. Farm shows have 3 schedules daily, so check if you got the right timing. For more info, do visit their website here


After the farm show, we head to Whakarewarewa Forest a.k.a The Redwoods. Did a quick hike up the woods and it was magical. I have always preferred tall trees than skyscrapers and I love this forest! It rained a bit and made the forest glistened. A friend joked that Jacob and Edward (from Twilight) might appear somewhere if you’re lucky. Haha!


There is no fee to walk in the forest, but they do charge NZD$25 per adult for the Redwoods Treewalk. Due to time-constraint, we did not managed to go for it 😣. Apart from the tree walk, there are trails for horse riding 🏇and mountain biking🚵🏽.

Next post: NZ, Te Puai & Taupe: Pohutu Geyser and Huka falls.

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