NZ, Te Puai & Taupo: Pohutu Geyser and Huka Falls

Pohutu Geyser
Harden lava

Experience the world famous, Pohutu Geyser in Te Puai which is near Rotorua. Here, you are able to visit up close to the geysers, view the jumping mud-pool, experience and learn a whole lot of Maori culture. As it was a touristy area, the day pass cost us NZD 51 for each adult.

The guided tour are available at every hour. Our tour guide was a friendly female Maori. She leaded us to the geysers, geothermal valleys, kiwi house, National School of carving and weaving and the souvenir shop as well. The guide was surprised when we are able to pronounce the Maori names. We, Singaporeans are multi-cultured and therefore exposed to those vowels similar to Japanese’s language. Well, we are Asians. I think Maori people look similar to Malayan people (as in the Malays, Philippines..). But I supposed they have bigger bone structure than the Malayan people.

We walked passed a Hangi. At a different tour package, a Hangi meal will be included but since we did not purchase such, we just walked past and enjoy the smell. Smelling is free~ Maori have very strong tribal roots. And they used to cook their meals in an underground pit. So basically, it’s like an underground oven. Moving on, we saw the jumping mud pools. It really was bubbling. [Visit my instagram to view the video]

The tour lasted for about an hour. Do take note that the opening hours are from 9am to 5pm, and that their last tour is at 4pm. Do visit their website for more details.

Huka Falls

We had a short visit at Huka Falls. The water looks so pristine! Visit my instagram to view a video of how fast the water gushes! If you have the extra bucks, you can opt for a jet shoot over near the Huka Falls. Although, i think it’s better to try the Milford Cruise and get close to THAT waterfall. Entrance to Huka Fall is free! FYI, Huka is a maori word for foam.

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