I Miss you New Zealand.


Milford Sound.

New Zealand. The Land of Long White Clouds. The Middle Earth. 

Despite being busy at work, my mind can’t stop thinking of her beauty. The sides of her that I have seen and feel that will never get tired of. And the ones that I have yet to see and explore makes my heart yearn for her even more.

Yes, she got me head over heels. Some may say, “Oh, you’ll get tired of it if you’re there for a year. Some parts are too rural and inconvenient” I couldn’t care less. I have thought of migrating there. But I am not capable. Maybe not now. Oh New Zealand, I hope you remain untainted. Till then, we’ll meet again.

I know I haven’t been updating the blog. I was consumed by work and down with fever and flu. So for now, I’ll be resting and thinking of New Zealand.

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