Singapore turned 51!


9th of August is Singapore’s Independence day. And this year, Singapore have turned 51! This year’s parade was themed after a local folklore titled Badang.

I have heard of the different versions of Badang back then. And I thought it was a Malay version of Hercules, as Hercules was strong. And then I realized, oh, it is a LOCAL folklore. A popular version of Badang known in local Malay community back then was that, Badang earn his strength by eating the vomit of a Djinn. But thankfully, that is not the version showcased at parade.

Even more surprising is that there is THE stone at our Heritage Musuem. I am sure there are plenty of Singaporeans who do not know this. =P

53A. Drummer not in pic.

We still have the traditional marching and formations which reminds me of those high schools days. Marching under the hot sun and dreading water parade.

53A! The local band that do cover songs are the one who made this year NDP’s theme song. And the primary schools students love it so much, they often sing it out loud in public whenever the song was played.

And then there is the dancing part. Yes, we are heavily influenced by Western cultures as well. Because the youth believe that is Hip and Cool. (that is in fact, not a real fact but just a personal assumption of mine. =P)

Those ladies in pink? No they’re not in Hanbok or imitating the Koreans despite the slight similarities. But those skirts have many layers beneath that they flip to change colors for the formations.

Multi-racial: Indian, English, Malay & Chinese


At the end of the parade, the message was this. In future, it was hoped that we will continue to progress to be a multi-cultural country with modern infrastructure and technology, not forgetting to be more Green.

I wonder how Independence Day was celebrated in other countries. Do share it by commenting below!

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