Singapore Night Festival 2016

Although I have openly express my love for New Zealand, I have to admit Singapore too, have lots that New Zealand lacks of currently. There are many plenty of events being held here to keep us entertained and to get us out and about in this tiny red dot.

If you have been following my Instagram, you will get to see the live updates of me attending the Singapore Night Festival 2016. It was so crowded that the people are like herds of cow as the traffic controllers ensure that we cross the road safely.

Despite the haze, the open event was littered with its patrons admiring the artwork installations, stuffing themselves with yummy foods or enjoying the live-band performances.

Being an introvert, my ideal Fridays would be to get home as quickly as possible in order to avoid the crowd, get changed in my pajamas and start binge-watching documentaries on the TV or Netflix (a quick and lazy fix to how much I yearn for adventures and being close to Mother’s nature). However, I was invited to view some of highlights of the events and it was definitely, AWESOME.. despite the humid weather and the horrendous crowd.

National Museum of Singapore

Right outside Singapore Arts Museum, vibrant light projections covered the entire front face of the museum. It was titled Journey by Novak. The projection was based on Novak’s interpretation of Jules Vernes’s novels. Coincidentally, I was reading his novels and was super excited to see what I read to comes to life! (or rather to be animated.. haha)

Hot air balloon depicts 5 weeks in a Hot air balloon by Vernes
After being enticed but the vibrant projections and wonderful soundtracks, I head on to the main highlight at the National Museum of Singapore. It was a party! Close-Act did such a wonderful job from the props to the costumes. It was so magical it reminds me of Spain. The performance was called Invasion by Close-Act.


Despite being small and densely-populated, Singapore has a lot to offer as long as you are ready to brave the crowd (when it comes to free stuffs) or swipe your cards in exchange for entertainment as a city dweller!



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