SoT 1st year.

SoT turned one today! But there is no celebration.. Instead, there is plenty of reflections. If you noticed, I did not reveal much about my identity. And used a logo and name, snipoftriv often. The reason because, I do not think I want to make my life or myself public.

The thing with social media nowadays, people are known to have put A LOT of effort to make it look all fancy and fun. Everyone wants to stand out but at the same time, everyone seems the same. Each of them trying their best to gain as much attention as possible. Somehow, it either feel pretentious or too mainstream.


What would you do when everyone starts shouting at the top of their lungs? Would you close your ears and hide? Or would you think of a way to shout the loudest to shut them up? Or, you, too started shouting because ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’.

Are we trying to CONNECT or are we finding for opportunity to INDULGE ourselves with our own matters?

I came across this blog post titled The Rise of the Travelling Narcissist, and it really hit me. Is that what I want to achieve for SoT? Am I really willing to put that much effort in showcasing how I try to live my ‘ideal life’?

Questions begets more questions, but leads to no answers. To be honest, it is tiring to work, study and keep up with blogging.  It certainly does not help especially when I am an introvert. So.. SoT will be on break. I will upload some short posts in long intervals and keeping it low for awhile. Till then.

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