Horsing around during the weekends.

New Zealand has left a positive impact on me thanks to my previous trip there. It creates a yearning to learn and get close to Mother’s Nature as much as possible. Being stuck in the office with no nearby windows from Monday to Friday has took a toll on my eyes. My eyes power have increased. Downside of being a city dweller.

And so, after slaving at work on the weekdays and almost finishing with my work probation period, I have decided to take a short vacation nearby… 3 Days and 2 nights at the Riders Lodge in Malaysia.


I spent approximately SGD250 for the lodging, food and 2 sessions of horse-riding. I think it is more worth it than having a stay-cation. The food was fabulous! The bed are comfy and the amenities are clean!


Although it was a short trip, and I did was eat, sleep and ride, I would definitely visit this place again.

Apart from horse-riding, bird-watching enthusiasts can find plenty of birds flying around or at the tree. Nearby the stables, there is a rubber tree plantation. I actually saw a toucan on top of the lodge roof! Did not managed to snap in time.


No, obviously this is not a sponsored post. It is an honest and voluntary review of the place. Although it was cheap, worth every single SGD and yummy food, I was however a bit disappointed with the dinner. It was some lamb dish which was so cold, probably because we postponed our dinner a bit later due to the riding lesson.

The services from the bosses are great but I think the services by the staffs needs to be improved. The one serving us for front desk seem to lack of initiative. Or maybe, I am just too pampered with the type of services in Singapore. There is no proper explanations and he seemed eager to complete his task and sit behind his desk.

Despite that, I sincerely can’t wait to visit Riders Lodge in Malaysia, again. The stables staffs did a very good job. They are friendly and seem patience despite the humid weather. It makes me want to learn more about horses as I can see that they are fond and proud of their horses.

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