Personal Space

I haven’t been updating my social media and this is because I needed personal space. 11 September 2016 was the passing of my paternal grandfather. He passed at the age of 80 plus due to skin cancer.

Thankfully, I managed to spend time with him. I sleptover at his place with the intention to meet any request permissble within my means. Like when that time, he felt like eating Indian Rojak.

When my family arrived, we discovered that he had left. He seem to be in a state of relax with a peaceful look on his face. He lay on his bed with his legs in a leisurely position as he always do. It was a quiet one and no one managed to be by his side when the time comes. Maybe he, himself would not want anyone to witness it.

He have always been a kind, gentle, independent and strong-willed person. He dislike to impose troubles on any of us as long as he can do it himself.

As we all are sadden by his passing, life still have to go on. Coincidentally, 12 September 2013 was when my maternal grandfather passed on due to lung cancer. He have never been a smoker. With that, I see death as a reminder that everything has an ending. It can happen for a reason or for unknown reasons. And that inspires me to live intently. You will never know when you are next.

PS. I’ll try to update more often despite studying part-time and holding a full-time job. Thank you for reading.

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