Recalibrating life: Back to Basics

Having to juggle part-time studying and a full-time job can be stressful and could be an emotional roller coaster ride. Lately, life have been a bit challenging and living in Singapore, time really flies.
Maybe it’s just my work’s nature or time management issues. But boy, do I have a lot on my plate. I keep asking myself where do I go wrong. I have a job and I get to “upgrade” myself by applying to study.

Until someone taught me, “it all goes back to your intentions.”

Why am I working despite having minimum pay and unconsciously getting stressed(I’ll get back to this later)? Why am I re-taking another diploma despite already having one? Why do I have this blog and was fired up with ideas to update but ended up not doing so?

It may sound like a fabricated hippie/cult thing but intentions do affect the energy around you and in you. Well, at least it does to me. No, I don’t have any science theory to back that up. It is a form of spirituality aspect which could not be quantify, I believe. For those interested, may google “The Power of Intention” and there is plenty of articles to read up on.

Why do I say Intention affects the energy around you and in you?
Being a human, naturally, we are flawed. We are created in a complex way that even up till now, studies on human be it psychologically or biologically is still evolving. So, no matter how high your IQ may be or how fantastic your memory capabilities are, there will be a time when you may forgot/ lose sight of something.

In my case, I have forgotten the purpose/intention of this blog, to continue working (the job) despite not really liking it and taking up another diploma despite already having one.

I noticed that when i forgot my intentions, it is easier to feel overwhelmed or stressed when things don’t go as expected. I dread going to work or school. I find it stressful to have to find the time to update this blog.

How does intention affects the energy around you and in you?
If there is positive intentions, you’re more likely to have positive energy and feel better.
For example,
My intention to start this blog is to practice and improve my writings by documenting the trivialities of life. With such positive intention, I am more motivated to update my blog and most likely attract readers who thinks alike who may or may not reach out to me.

How about negative intentions? Well, to be honest I don’t really know how it works. But I envisioned it to be similar as when you listen to a sad song, most likely you feel solemn or sad too. You get affected.
In my case, I got overwhelmed and stressed which leads to gastric.

Intention may change over time.

I am now at a point of recalibrating my life. I need to remind myself of my mission and vision. And I definitely need to simplify my thoughts and be in tune with my heart.

Have to VS Want to

There will be a few changes to this blog. And I am striving to update it more often and stay true to my tagline on Trivial Matters. Hopefully, I am able to re-new/find my intentions and move on the next phase.

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