Onward 2017

I know I have not been updating much, and it is almost like a monthly thing. As mentioned in my previous post, I have been busy with school and work. Not much on work though. Mainly, school stuffs.

I was not able to attend any major events in Singapore either. Not the countdown party, not Winter Wonderland or Art Festivals. I am not a fan of crowds. Often while attending these events, I felt like a cattle being herd as we queue for lines or crossing the traffic light. I miss the mountains and vast space.

2016 has been full of worrying and uncertainty. I quit my job without any back up (and landed to my current one, 3 months later). I got rejected by Unisim like thrice and flopped my SAT twice(I hate this test). But ended up taking another diploma in a local Polytechnic. I managed to visit New Zealand earlier than expected (and looking forward to return there). And I think, the main highlight of 2016 was getting to know more about myself. My preferences, my feelings and the relationships I have with family and friends.

Overall, 2016 has been the start of a new life. New job, meet new people and face a different set of challenges. I learn to let go and accept the fact that some things are just out of my control. And that I should just go with the flow. No use going against the current of the waves even if you’re a good swimmer.

So, for 2017. I think it might be a bumpy year but as long as I do not go against the flow, I think I’ll be able to survive better. As for this site, I’ll try to update more often. More stuffs to come. 🙂

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