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It is the beginning of April and I’d say that a lot of things happened. Apart from the scary things that is happening in other parts of the world, I have moved to another rented apartment and my job scope has changed. I was literally thrown out of my comfort zone and I felt very vulnerable, trying to adapt to the sudden changes. The things I have to adapt:

– new team, new team members
– new job scope. requires me to interact with strangers face-to-face and via emails and taking photographs of people.
– rented apartment’s kitchen too small and cluttered. (not gonna cook or bake!)
– share a bedroom with my sister (her piles of stuffs are towering and making me feel a bit overwhelmed. I’ve managed to pretend that they’re not there, now.)
– apartment makes it expensive to install broadband. So, NO INTERNET! no internet leads to my mobile data depleting quickly and i get bored on weekends especially. The weather is too hot to go out and about. doesnt help!
– library is not located nearby 😦

The good thing is
– new team, new dynamics.
– interesting job scope and not confined to the desktop always
– since the kitchen is too small. I don’t have to cook.
– no internet means, i better  start doing things that I have no time to do. Like practice photography or go for a walk. (when the weather is not too hot….. :P)
– if there is a need for internet, i’m better of at the library for free wifi! 😀

The biggest blow is actually internet. Yes, I am heavily reliant on it. I got lost easily so I need the map. I need the internet to check on bus arrival, answers to the many random questions I have, entertainment, text and spam my friends especially when i’m anxious or being awkward in social situations and the list could go on. Now that the internet are not that accessible to me, i felt even more alone. I always go out alone and it doesn’t bother me. But to know that I can’t communicate with my friends or anyone else, is a bit sad. I am forced to face myself. I can’t even brush off my thoughts and feelings. There’s nothing to distract me away from them.

There’s plenty of free wifi in Singapore actually. It’s just that the speed is slow and sometimes it won’t even connect. Nevertheless, school is starting soon. 😩 Need to regain back my momentum. This blog will probably won’t have much updates. Till then.

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