On my way back Home.

Finally our apartment is ready for move in, although minor carpentry work still needs to be done. And I am starting to move in my stuffs bit by bit. BTO flats (Build-to-order) are getting smaller. Luckily, it’s school holidays for me. So, less things to worry about.

What have I been up to while on months hiatus?

Busy with work and studies. The day we received the key to our apartment was the day before I fly off to Japan!

Yes! My latest adventure was to Japan, Tokyo. This trip was my first trip that I planned the itineraries by myself. Being an introverted and anxious person, this is a huge leap. I still remember in high school back then, that I could not even order a meal at Mac Donald’s by myself! I need someone to stand beside me. But I am glad that I managed to overcome it. The Japan trip made me gain more confidence as I figure how to use the public transportation to get around.

For those who have been following my IG, may see the updates I have posted. Meanwhilee, look forward for more updates regarding the trip! Till then~

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