Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls


I know I haven’t been updating this blog. And hey, it’s already 2018! And what I learnt from the beginning of 2018 is, ‘don’t go chasing waterfalls..’ because I think I’m moving too fast. For those who don’t know, I’m referring to TLC’s song titled Waterfall.

I have been rushing and pushing myself to achieve what I should be achieving at my age. Only to realise that when it is not the time for it yet, it won’t happen. A lot have happened at the end of 2017. I lost confidence in my capabilities, I lost the motivation to do what I intend to do. Funny isn’t it? Sometimes you get all hyped out trying to plan things out but just because the slightest thing did not happen the way you expect/want it to be, the blow was so devastating that you feel incapacitated. Worse still, when the people around you was critical of you. Efforts goes unseen when desired results are not seen.

So to the start of 2018, let’s be nice to each other and take it slow. 🙂

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