Xmas 2017 at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Every December, Singapore will be full of events and attractions to keep the holidays mood lively. And if you happen to be here in December, you are sure to have a lot to do.

I visited the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. I have been to the Cloud Forest before and I simply could not get enough of it that I went to visit again. It really makes me feel closer to nature. I love everything about it except the crystals installation. I remember a lot of people did not really pay attention there. They just make their way down. Which is a pity! There is so much to see! There’s plants and flowers that you may not see before. Look at the attractive shapes and sizes. Or even, have a whiff of their scents if there is any.



After visiting the Cloud Forest, I went to the Forest Dome. The Forest Dome has a theme which changes. And when I visited, the theme was called Poinsettia Wishes. It looks magical and there is a light display on Aurora Borealis.



I had an amazing time there. And would love to visit again this year. Have you visited the Gardens by the Bay? Share your experiences in the comment below.

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