Why I was afraid to write

Writing can be personal. It may just be words but look harder and there is you, revealing yourself. Your tone. Your choice of words. Your sentence structure. Your style.

Lately I have ample of free time and yet I did not update this blog. I wasn’t ready to be in tune with myself, to be honest with my feelings and not willing to reveal the other side of me.

So I spent days (a month actually) just watching Netflix and being a full-time couch potato. Immersing myself in dramas and fictional characters. Feeling their stories and ignoring myself further.

And then, a friend started giving friendly reminders on positivity. There’s more to life. Give yourself a chance to discover yourself and get it right or wrong. And it moved me… Ok, to be honest, there’s no friend. It’s just an IG account that posts positive life quotes. But don’t you feel special when the posts appear timely? It’s as if the universe is talking to you!

So here I am, finally writing a (short)post. Declaring to get back to writing, to my feelings or more random/trivial stuffs. Currently I am broke and jobless, so I can’t afford to travel. But I’m pretty sure there’s something free around here in Singapore that I can write about. Maybe I can get back to poetry or lyrics writing? Hmmm.. Maybe..

For now, I will keep trying to push myself further to figure things out.

Hope you all have a great day ahead and full of positivity!

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