Click & Grow Smart Garden 9: Week 1

So………..after much contemplation, I caved in and purchased Click & Grow’s Smart Garden 9! And within a week, most plants sprouted! Before I purchased it, I tried to look for reviews and videos about it on Youtube but not as comprehensive. It’s 199 USD, definitely not that cheap and I want to make sure that it better worth my money.


With every SG9, comes with 9 plants pods (3x lettuce, 3x mini tomatoes and 3x basils). Upon delivery, basically I received every items as mentioned in their product specification. I did not document the unboxing because I was too excited!

The packaging is as sleek as Apple products. But I’m confused because the extra plant pods that I purchased seem to be dented at the bottom. Even so, I thought it would not matter.

Setting up SG9 was easy peasy. The manuals are straight-forward. In fact, without the manual, I could have guess on how to set it up. The tricky part is probably taking the plant pods out of the packaging. I like that they’re trying to be more eco-friendly and sustainable with their product packaging. But taking the pod out prove to be a challenge that I actually broke one of the soil pod. If you’re following me on my Instagram, you could see it on my insta-story.

So, if you could see the pictures above, the bottoms of the pods got some dents. I tried to fork it out and probably that is a bad idea. Eventually, I got them out in 3 chunks. It was the Rosemary pod. I dump it in the capsule anyway, hoping it would work still.


And so I planted 2 lettuces, 2 mini tomatoes, 1 rosemary, 1 basil, 2 Thai basils and 1 peppermint. A week passed and half of it sprouted except for the lettuces which are still seedlings!

The self-timed LED lights helps the seeds to germinate fast and the water reservoir at the bottom means no watering as the plant capsules uses a wick. The ‘smart soil’ have pea-sized balls which I think helps to release the nutrients slowly and the texture of the ‘soil’ is like a sponge.

Because Singapore’s climate is hot and humid mostly, I do worry that there may be molds as it was mentioned in a review. But overall, I’m satisfied with the product. I look forward to watch it grow every day and there is not hassle it in maintaining it. Follow my Instagram, @sotdiary for updates apart from a weekly update via my blog!

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