Click & Grow SG9: Week 2


So this is how my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 looks like in week 2!

Both of my tomato seedlings has turned into a plant. The basil and Thai basils are flourishing as you can see on the image above. My peppermint are still sprouting as you can see at the bottom right of the picture. And one of my lettuce has sprouted.

Sadly, one of the lettuce and my rosemary is not sprouting at all. Based on the label on the plant pods, rosemary sprouts in 2-3 weeks. So I’m still pinning my hopes that it will sprout.

So far, no hassle still. The light will auto turn on and switch off accordingly and no watering needed. Looking forward for the plants to grow fully!

Since you’re reading this post, follow me on Instagram so you could get live updates on my plants. It’s @sotdiary

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