Happy Socks Subscription Box, is it worth it?

So, you like Happy Socks and wonder if you should purchase the subscription box. But is it worth it?

This is the exact question I have whenever I wanted to purchase something online. Before purchasing, I would always google for reviews, check on Youtube if there is any videos on it. But there isn’t any on Happy Socks Subscription Box Singapore. So I took the plunge by purchasing a $50 bi-monthly subscription as it is free to cancel any time. So, why not?

So, if you visit their website for their Happy Box, you will fill up your gender and quantity. After your purchase, they will call you to ask for your preferences and sizes so that they can customise the Happy Box for you! It was delivered to me 5 days later. And here’s the content:


  • A trio pack of Heinz Limited Edition Miniature – 1x Mayonaise, 2x Ketchup
  • A pack of LGBT pins
  • 2 Underwears – 1x briefs, 1x hipster
  • 2 Limited Edition Collaboration socks – SBTG Bones and Singapore Skyline
  • 3 Main Socks – (probably past edition? I’m not sure as I can’t find it on the site)

Overall, I’m alright with my first Happy Box. Most of my clothes are primary colours. So, I think the design and colours can be matched easily. Although, there are cheaper socks you can purchase especially those made in China, I think the price for this socks are alright and it’s made in Turkey.

But before you buy, you probably want to ask if you really need socks subscriptions. After all, you only have a pair of feet and at least need a pair for a day. I would probably continue the subscription for another 2 – 3 set only as I don’t really need so much socks. I hope this post helps you consider your options before purchasing!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored act. The opinions above are solely my own. Content of Happy Box may differ, I’m not sure. I’m merely sharing the experience and information based on my purchase meaning it may not be accurate or up-to-date.

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