Click & Grow SG9: Week 3


Week 3! And this is how my smart garden 9 is progressing. The basils are thriving and I started pruning it to promote better growth. I am not sure if I did it too early but I could see more shoot coming up.

My mini tomato plants are looking good. Looking at the stem, all thick and strong tells me that it’s growing up steadily. The peppermint however seems almost like a failure. I suspected that it might be due to overcrowding but I might be wrong as it is still in its early stage.

One of my lettuce has grown while the other did not. My rosemary did not sprout as well. I take a look at it and realised there’s algae at the top of both plants. Probably thats why the seeds did not germinate. I checked Click and Grow’s FAQ and it stated to wipe it with damp cloth. I scraped the top part instead. For the rosemary, I can’t find the seeds after scraping. So I think I might have scraped it off as well. Therefore, I put in some thyme seeds and hope that it might work because I don’t want to waste the soil pod. I am also planning to repot one of my Thai Basil so that I can pop in a new rosemary pod.

Singapore’s weather is hot and humid. And most of the time, our apartment does not have good air circulation. So I got myself a battery operated mini fan, hoping to improve the airflow. I really like Click and Grow because it is really hassle-free. I have tried indoor gardening the traditional way but I often overwater or there is no sun or poor air circulation. I have tried homemade hydroponics but I either grew algae or the plant didn’t last as long. I hope this smart garden will last longer.

*Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post. It is an opinionated piece with the intention of sharing my experience.

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