Click & Grow SG 9: Week 4

Here comes week 4 and my smart garden is still looking good. Although, I have to get rid of the failed pods because the rosemary is growing mould and the lettuce is still growing algae.

Nevertheless, the other plants are doing well still. My tomato plants are flowering. My basils are growing higher. And the peppermints are slowly growing upwards.

Even the lettuce is spreading the leaves wide. On another note, I did notice that the colour of the leaves are not that green. Some are discolored. I wonder if it lacks of nutrients or it’s getting burnt by the light. So I attached the second plastic rods to distant the LED lights away from the plants.

I have been watching videos on Youtube on green living, urban farming and zero waste living. I’m glad to see the rising of such communities trying to inform and educate people on alternative living and highlighting our responsibilities as earth residents in trying to be sustainable with our ever-depleting resources. Technology is advancing and consumerism has help boost the economy which in turn leads to better living standards. But with every problem solved, invites a new set of problems. I believe this is the cycle of life. And I have been thinking about it on how I could adapt a better and sustainable living.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to research on what other green initiatives/communities in Singapore and see how I can get involve and contribute to the community.


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