5 problems I faced with Click & Grow SG9

It’s been long since I update on my smart garden since I first purchased it. The last post was 5+ months ago. Coincidentally, i received an email from a reader asking about the current update. I love receiving emails from readers. So if you’re reading and have questions or suggestions, do drop an email or comment! 🙂

So, I’ve used up all the plant pods from the first purchase. Here are the 5 problems I faced for the past 5 months.

1. My lettuce pods FAILED to grow.

One did but it doesn’t grow like a lettuce should. The other 2 pods failed to grow even when after a 1 month plus. It could be because of the weather, I’m not sure. But I happen to stumble upon another blogger who experienced the same. FYI, I did not contact the company because I find it a hassle, even though I should.

2. Mini tomatoes are REALLY MINI.

Mini tomatoes are so CUTE! It’s too small to even make anything out of it. It taste good though but it was all too small (maybe because of the climate).


3. Algae/mold.

Singapore is soooo humid so it’s no surprise to have these in plant pods. Although it sounds super gross, it does not look that bad. It’s just green sludge forming at the top. Initially, I thought the water reservoir at the bottom might be murky green, but I experienced no such problem at all.  


My 2 rosemary pods and 2 lettuce pods grew algae on it and nothing else because the algae covered the seeds preventing it to grow. My solution is to cut a layer of it and reuse the pod. It is possible but the plant may grow wonky. I cut the above pod soil and stick a seedling rosemary and it grew like this.


4. Roots may clog up the wick. 

It happened to my basil. It was thriving until one point it slowly look as if it’s dying. If you noticed droopy leaves, something is definitely wrong with the plant.Check the soil pod. It should be moist and not dry like above. I always have this problem of plants suddenly become droopy ever since I started gardening. There could be many possible factors for that I have never really figure it out.

5. Repotting.

So, I repot the plants with soil and put it near my laundry area. It grew happily and thrive especially when the sun is strong in the morning. Eventually, the leaves start to droop again and the soil seems to be dense. It probably lacked air circulation or I might have overwatered it.

So I switched to similar wicking technique by cutting 1.5l plastic bottle into half and invert the top into the bottom part. It seem to work at first but the soil seem to grow molds on it.

Currently I am trying a different method of using clay pellets. Less mess but not sure about the nutrients. Will continue to monitor.

Verdict: The reason I bought SG9 was to test if it really works before I proceed to buying a mini wall farm. It’s nice to grow your own food but space and sunlight has always been a problem when you live in a HDB in Singapore. SG9 is good at starting seedlings but some plants don’t seem to thrive as much. My only success are basils and thai basils. It’s a pity that the mini tomatoes didn’t grow the same size as the ones in supermarket. I’m not giving up on SG9 still and in fact, bought some new plant pods to try out. So… more reviews coming up soon!

new pods

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