I no longer use Click and Grow

If you are wondering what happened to my Click and Grow, nothing happened. This is because I no longer uses it. Well…. I am still using it but in a different way. When I first bought Click and Grow Smart Garden 9, I thought that I could finally grow my own food in a space constrained apartment.

But I was wrong.

Firstly, the output is not enough for my consumption. And secondly, the pods are too pricey for me. So I experimented with different ways to still make use of the system. I tried making a hydroponic version by getting replacing the reeds with wicking ropes. Instead of using their pods, I used peat moss as the planting medium.

Knowing that peat moss does not have the nutrients a plant needs, I used a plant nutrients liquid used for hydroponics in the water tank. The only problem I have is that it is a hassle to lift dismantle every time I need to change the water tank. Which I did for every week. As I am too lazy to deal with the problems, I ditched the hydroponic system. So I ended up using the lights for my plants and the planter to store my other plants.

The plants still grow, so I’m happy with that. It doesn’t grow as fast as the Click and Grow pods, though. I have been experimenting with various planting medium and have yet to see much success. As you can see the tomato plant above does not really look that happy. I am still a noob in planting and I am quite lazy. I try to take shortcuts that often sets me up for failure. Dirt soil is just too messy so I tried using leca balls. So, if you have some tips on indoor planting, drop a comment below or connect with me via my email snipoftriv@gmail.com.

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