Sembawang Hot Spring

Do you know that there is a hot spring in Singapore? Yup, there is. I remembered visiting the Sembawang hot spring in the late 1900s. My siblings and I squeezed in a small car with our grandparents. Back then, there were no pathways. I remembered us parking along the road and walking on gravels paths. […]

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A Stroll in Botanical Garden

Last Friday, I went for a stroll in Botanical Garden with my cousin. We brought subs, bottles of water and a picnic mat with us. We took the train and alighted at the Circle Line Botanical Garden, Exit A. According to the website, there’s 3 different entrances to Botanical Garden. And ours are called the […]

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Journal: Aunt Jen*

For the past weekends, I have been visiting my late grandfather’s house. It is now occupied by my mother’s younger sister and brother’s family. My uncle married a wonderful Thai woman, *Aunty Jen. Aunty Jen is a very chatty woman in her early 30s just like my uncle. Whenever I visited her, there is always […]

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Random Dream #03

I tossed and turned and could not seem to fall asleep yet. I am a light sleeper. Sleeping in the day will make it difficult for me to fall asleep at night. The last time I checked, it was 3 a.m… I was out with one of my close friends, Pearl. We were supposed to […]

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Random Dream #02

I fell flat on my bed. I slept late and woke up early today because I have to do some baking at a friend’s bakery. It was not strenuous but the lack of sleep started to kick in. I caved in to my fatigue and fell asleep. I opened my eyes and saw the back […]

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Nasi Lemak and Egg Sambal

I was hungry. I was too lazy to get take-outs. I was too lazy to do some grocery shopping. So I sloppily went into the kitchen and rummaged the refrigerator for food. Shucks. I have to cook. I am not much of cook. Cooking. (v). The act of preparing food and to throw and mix […]

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Random Dream #01

Everyone dreams during their sleep. At times, I remember most of it even after I woke up. So for entertainment sake, I’d post my dreams on this blog as well. Woke up: 4:20pm I was on a land facing an ocean. Behind me, stood the Marina Bay Sands building. I stepped on a spread of […]

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