Singapore turned 51!

9th of August is Singapore’s Independence day. And this year, Singapore have turned 51! This year’s parade was themed after a local folklore titled Badang. I have heard of the different versions of Badang back then. And I thought it was a Malay version of Hercules, as Hercules was strong. And then I realized, oh, […]

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I Miss you New Zealand.

Milford Sound. New Zealand. The Land of Long White Clouds. The Middle Earth.  Despite being busy at work, my mind can’t stop thinking of her beauty. The sides of her that I have seen and feel that will never get tired of. And the ones that I have yet to see and explore makes my […]

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NZ, Auckland: Hamilton Gardens

    Hamilton Garden is a public park located between Auckland and Rotorua, along the Waikato River. Before stopping by the Hobbiton (45 minutes drive away), we dropped by the park as it was free entrance. It was drizzling a bit and wet when we arrived. There are various themed garden as you can see […]

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Sembawang Hot Spring

Do you know that there is a hot spring in Singapore? Yup, there is. I remembered visiting the Sembawang hot spring in the late 1900s. My siblings and I squeezed in a small car with our grandparents. Back then, there were no pathways. I remembered us parking along the road and walking on gravels paths. […]

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Chocolate Ganache Tart

Most of the time, baking requires a lot of work and when it comes to chocolate I am always messy with it. But when cravings kicked it, I always scour the kitchen if any ingredients are available to make such. If not, I would just buy it. For those who would like to bake it […]

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Monkey Bread

In Singapore’s Mac Donald, they sell their version of monkey bread as Cinnamon Melts. I love the crispy crusts and it’s sweet icing sugar with cinnamon. However, I happened to came across a cookbook by Joanne Chang;  Bake with Less Sugar. I love it! I am a sweet tooth but it’s healthier to bake with less sugar […]

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Petit Beurre

Petit Beurre is a plain butter biscuit from France. I think that the Petit Beurre would be similar as to our Hup Seng Cream Crackers. The taste do differ as Petit Beurre tasted sweeter than Hup Seng Cream Crackers. I remembered entering a supermarket in Paris, the packaging and variety of snacks and biscuits are […]

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