Click & Grow SG9: Week 3

Week 3! And this is how my smart garden 9 is progressing. The basils are thriving and I started pruning it to promote better growth. I am not sure if I did it too early but I could see more shoot coming up. My mini tomato plants are looking good. Looking at the stem, all […]

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Chocolate Ganache Tart

Most of the time, baking requires a lot of work and when it comes to chocolate I am always messy with it. But when cravings kicked it, I always scour the kitchen if any ingredients are available to make such. If not, I would just buy it. For those who would like to bake it […]

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Monkey Bread

In Singapore’s Mac Donald, they sell their version of monkey bread as Cinnamon Melts. I love the crispy crusts and it’s sweet icing sugar with cinnamon. However, I happened to came across a cookbook by Joanne Chang;  Bake with Less Sugar. I love it! I am a sweet tooth but it’s healthier to bake with less sugar […]

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Petit Beurre

Petit Beurre is a plain butter biscuit from France. I think that the Petit Beurre would be similar as to our Hup Seng Cream Crackers. The taste do differ as Petit Beurre tasted sweeter than Hup Seng Cream Crackers. I remembered entering a supermarket in Paris, the packaging and variety of snacks and biscuits are […]

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